What is The 90 Day Challenge?

Are you tired of being tired, feeling overweight, and starving yourself in order to lose a few pounds?

The 90 Day Challenge is about helping you to achieve your own personal health and weight loss goals... Living a healthy more energetic lifestyle...

So What is YOUR 90 Day Challenge?

The 90 Day Challenge is about setting your goals, and then following an easy-to-do success system with scientifically proven products that will allow you to achieve your goals in 90 Days! 

Take The 90 Day Challenge with us! Maybe your goal is to feel healthier, lose a few (or more) pounds... maybe you want to build a business that allows you to make an extra income... OR maybe you want both?

Video Links:

I want to successfully lose weight and feel good about the way I look...
I want to feel more energetic and find out how Qore System can help me...
I want to improve my vascular system health and learn more about how Nitric Oxide can help...
I want to learn more about how living a healthy lifestyle can allow me to earn extra income...


Here are 4 great reasons to get started now!

1. PICK YOUR PRODUCT: You can select the products that you want to use for your 90 Day Challenge. The Total Health Pack is the most popular and has the broadest reaching benefits, but the beauty is that you get to choose - QORE, PRIME or METABOLIQ!

2. FUN: The Qivana Challenge is a fun, interactive community that helps motivate you to achieve your personal health goals. You can even join in teams (up to 4 members)...so grab a few friends and succeed together.

3. MEGA-REWARDS: Qivana has a wide variety of mega-rewards in store for the participants that make the most impressive transformation. In 2012 winners will be selected at the fall regional events (see Qivana events calendar for details). There will be many incredible prizes, but the 2012 grand prize giveaway is a tropical cruise for two!

4. COMMUNITY: QivanaChallenge.com; this website is your home for testimonials, winner announcements, call reminders and updates about the Qivana Challenge. Be sure to check in here often!

The 90 Day Challenge Overview:

  • Join as a Qivana IBO and order a METABOLIQ System
  • Register as an individual or in teams of up to 4 people
  • Submit names, weights, measurements and goals
  • Submit 90-Day team/personal transformation stories
  • Prizes will be awarded to individuals/teams with the most incredible stories/transformations

*Prizes will be awarded to IBOs that make the best health transformation monthly, quarterly and annually.